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Hi fellas, this is Long Mint, a slim and real sexy Asian from Thailand, having a big and ready surprise hiding in her underwear. 9 ” actually! She enjoys showing off her tight body, trying different clothes, getting freakish and turning men on around the globe, and trust us, LongMint really knows what guys want. Cum inside Long Mint.com and watch her sucking her own cock and also fucking her own butt in high-resolution pics and HD videos. Well, you will surely be impressed with this babe’s superb update today and that’s a fact. Let’s not delay anymore and see her in action today shall we guys?

The sexy shemale Mint has some superb mini clips to show off in this video. We compiled them in a superb and sexy little compilation of her getting naughty and dirty for you and we bet that you will just love watching every second of this scene. Sit back and see her using various things to fuck her nice and tight ass, and then see her as she starts to masturbate and jerk off as she strokes that nice and big cock of hers today. And of course this wouldn’t be complete if you don’t see her blow her huge jizz load all over herself and her perky tits today either. Enjoy it as always and see you soon with fresh content with your favorite ladyboy ever!


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Long Mint Video

See this Long Mint Video and enjoy her as she thrust her fist in her heels and sexy stockings. See her stripping off her clothes on the sofa in her high shoes, licking on the stiletto heels, lubing her tight ass and next sliding them real deep inside, and stroking her hard pulsating dick.. LongMint don’t has a shoe fetish, she has a kinky problem. Well thing is that she was getting very bored, and so far you know what miss Mint likes to do when she has nothing else to spend her time on. You bet that she was going to go full naughty mode and you would be in for the whole show today.

The cameras start to roll, and you get to see Mint starting to get down and dirty from the very start. Watch closely as she begins to touch herself all over while taking off her lingerie, revealing her perky tits at first. Then she reveals her nice and big cock as well, and as you can see it gets bigger and harder s she gets more and more turned on. Watch her using her high heels to fuck her nice and tight ass with and enjoy as she moans in the self inflicted pleasure. You get to see her masturbate and fuck herself anally in this video so don’t miss a single second of this nice video.

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LongMint – Shower Dildo

LongMint had a wet dream last night and woke up being hot and wet. She went and take a shower to cool off however she still could not shake that sexy feeling. Being a naughty girl Long Mint videos always has her shower dildo prepared for action. She slowly stroked her big cock and she glided her spread ass on that wet and ready large dildo till it was deep inside her. It did not take very long time before she started losing control, shoving it harder into her asshole, looking to get deeper with every stroke. So let’s see the sexy babe as she has her fun in the bathroom all by herself in this fresh gallery update.

She wanted you to get to know her a bit better and so, she decided to have this little shower scene as she could go as wild as she wanted and naughty as well. So let’s watch this perky and sexy babe as she has some more solo fun. Watch as she turns on the hot water and see that water dripping along her sexy shapes, caressing those nice and perky round tits. Of course she can’t resist and makes her way down to her hard and long cock and starts to stroke it faster and harder. And by the end she blows her load all over herself as she orgasms. Enjoy this scene and have fun guys and gals. Bye bye!

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Mint and her friend

LongMint was just lying around in her underwear, feeling a little naughty when a friend of hers came over. Rather than covering up Long Mint pics chose to let him inside and let him see her laying there in her sexy outfit. This dude was speechless and simply stood there drooling. Mint began teasing him a bit, touching her body as she watched his bulge grow in his jeans. Finally she was too horny and began rubbing his dick. He did not object when she slowly unbuttoned his pants and took out is hard cock. LongMint videos soon had this dude with his jeans around his ankles letting him fuck her face till he jizz in her mouth.

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This time you can just tell by the look on her face that she was out for cock right from the beginning and she was ready to do anything for it. Watch closely as you get to see your favorite shemale as she poses in her sexy and hot little leather outfit, and then sit back to watch her suck and slurp on some nice and hard cock for the rest of the scene. You simply cannot miss seeing this cutie as she gives some nice head today. The guy was moaning in pleasure all the way as she was sucking and slurping with her juicy lips and expert tongue on his big and hard cock. See her take a nice and big jizz load all over her cute face this afternoon!

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Long Mint beach

She’s such a Long Mint beach bum, she love the fact that you can do so many things and wear so very little and she never get fed up with all those men and women checking out her tall slim physique, only if they knew about her big surprise. She has her own spot, behind the bushes, where she can take good care of her frustration. It is rather quiet, she can strip off her bikini bottoms when she’s feeling bold. LongMint get really excited playing with herself outdoors, realizing that someone could see her at any minute. So let’s see her nice little scene today shall we?

Thing is that she was also packing quite a sexy and hot little bikini too and she was really feeling proud of her body. And rightly so we say. Well se was proud enough to get more naughty and you get to see that sexy little bikini removed at this public beach as she starts to touch herself all over and she begins to fondle her big cock. See the sexy and hot shemale as she spends the afternoon enjoying a nice jerk off session on the beach and see her blow her load all over her perky tits for this update. We’re sure that you’ll like it and rest assured that there’s more to come soon.

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Long Mint fucking

Watch this fresh update and enjoy as Long Mint fucking herself with a cucumber.
She wanted to make a nice dinner for you, ready when you get home from a hard day at the job. She like to begin with a salad, but the only issues is, She always get messy. Each time she sees a big carrot or cucumber she starts thinking about a cock, and gets kinky ideas about putting them in her ass, fucking herself, and this time for LongMint videos was no exception. For this nice afternoon the sexy and horny little shemale seems to be eager to show off some more of her naughty and sexy little outfits. So let’s watch the babe in action for this afternoon shall we?

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As another fresh week started, this cutie seemed to be really eager to get to have some more fun with her sexy body, and she was also planning to entertain you as well. And with her wearing her sexy and revealing little white outfit, it would be more than enough. Well as you can see she did intend to have some more fun with her as today as well and she just grabbed that nice and big cucumber and started to suck on it to get it lubed up for that nice and tight ass. Sit back and watch her fuck herself anally with the vegetable and enjoy the moans of pleasure that she releases. Have fun guys!

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LongMint Sex Slave

LongMint loves sexy accessories, she thinks they are the most significant thing on a freakish outfit. That is what she loves her new costume, because it comes with many naughty extras.The best accessory among all is the Long Mint video sex slave that came with it. This slave has a nice hard dick and can be connected in several different ways. She prefers to insert him anally and orally. We think he actually flatters her craving mouth and tight butthole! Check out this asian shemale taking a nice fuck from behind. The sexy babe seems to have been busy for you and this gallery shows why.

The naughty little lady has gotten herself a nice and sexy little outfit for today and she fully intended for you guys to get an amazing show of her and sexy body. Watch her put on a superb show as she takes iff her sexy white and yellow lingerie set, and see her stroking that nice and long cock of hers for the cameras and you. You also get to see her sucking and slurping on some nice and big cock for the afternoon and of course she takes that hard cock in her ass fast and hard for the whole afternoon today. Enjoy it and do drop by next week for even more of her superb and sexy scenes everyone. See you then!

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Long Mint selfsuck

LongMint bought an unique yellow development outfit due to the extreme amount of working she’s been doing. Since savoring her last Long Mint selfsuck and selfuck so much she decided to invest in a brand new, greater and more quickly fucking machine. So Mint is here once more to show off her self pleasing skills. Today she has another big and hard toy all prepared for her tight and sexy ass and you get to see her use it on her naughty holes. Like we said, she always seems to know how to put on a good show and you guys can always enjoy watching her have fun.

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As the cameras started to roll for this nice and hot update, Mint pulled out a dildo strapped onto a hand held jackhammer that is normally used for house hold usage. Well she made sure that this machine fuck fuck her ass fast and hard while she jerked off on her cock, and as you will see, she moans in pleasure while masturbating and jerking off, and the little fuck machine penetrates her ass fast and hard making her blow her big jizz load all over herself today. We are sure that you guys will enjoy this nice scene of hers and rest easy knowing that you’ll get to see even more next week!

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Long Mint anal

After a long hard day Long Mint anal is feeling a bit tired and sleepy, she makes her way to her bed, lay down on the delicate bed sheets and feathered cushions, spread her legs and close her eyes..In her silky lingerie, LongMint spit and suck on her pink butt plug to lather it ready to shove it up her back passage. She’s soon awake and wide extended, pounding her ass deep and hard, stroking her weapon ready to explode at any time. Well we know that you will simply adore this nice and sexy update with her and you will be impressed by this amazing and sexy solo performance today guys.

Mint does get rather bored sometimes and when she does so she simply needs to do something about her eager ass and her hard cock. And naturally she always has a sex toy at hand to take care of her ass, and of course her cock can be taken care of by her own slutty little hands. So watch as she gets to fucking her tight ass with her big pink dildo, and see her stroking on that nice and big cock that she has until she blows her load all over herself in this fresh little scene update that she has for you guys. She sure knows how to have fun and we bet that you guys would agree on that assumption today! For more action, enter the Shemale Japan site and see other hot shemales dildo fucking their tight asses!

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Long Mint Fucked

It’s great having Devan for a neighbour, he’s always ready to come and help Long Mint fucked with her problems no matter how earlier or later in the day it is. He has a lot of vitality and several times this dude come over and helped her with her plumbing! This morning LongMint woke up with a big snake wanting to escape her panties. Being such a guy of the action, he did not even strip her out of her sexy stocking, he only thrown a rubber onto his cock, pulled her panties aside and start the hard work. So let’s watch this nice update and watch this sexy shemale getting a nice fuck this afternoon.

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Devan sure knows how to work his cock inside her ass and you will surely enjoy seeing this nice and fresh fuck fest for today. Sit back and watch as the brunette gets to have a nice and big cock stuck up her ass, and see her stroking that huge dick of her own. You get to see her moan in pleasure as the guy pleases her ass balls deep with his mighty cock and we’re sure that you’ll simply adore it. Rest assured that this babe will be back next week with even more amazing scenes for you guys. We’ll be seeing you then so make sure that you don’t miss her next updates okay everyone!

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