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LongMint is a kinky SchoolGirl

LongMint is such a good babe, She’s been studying so hard for her oral exams, however she could really do having some help, can you come around and let her practice on you? Long Mint videos states that she always wind up putting things in my craving mouth when she’s trying to focus, however all the sucking makes her losing control. In a minute she’s laying on her bed with only her stockings on and sexy high heeled shoes, having her panties around her ankles. There are simply no words that can accurately describe how hot and sexy this babe looked today.

We bet that you will agree as well as soon as the scene starts, and the cutie makes her entry wearing her sexy and hot schoolgirl outfit. For a more intense and sensual feel to the scene, she takes to her bed to undress, and you get to see her slowly taking off her skirt to reveal her super cute and sexy panties first. The top follows suite and you get to see her playing with her perky and round tits as well in this lovely scene. And to end it all you also get to watch her teasing you with her big cock!

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Long Mint – Morning erection

In this scene Long Mint is waking up in the morning with a hard dick between her legs. This is becoming  a serious problem because every morning she has a hard on but she now found out how to take acre of this problem. It’s all simple, she spreads out her legs and fingers her tight ass as she wanks her had meat until she shoots hot cum all over the bed. It seems that she woke up fresh today, but she had a little problem. She had a nice and raging boner and she had to do something bout it before doing her usual daily stuff.


Naturally, mint’s solution to this was to give her nice and big cock a good stroke beforehand, and lucky that the cameras were there to catch her in her sizzling hot jerking off session. Watch her taking off her lingerie to please herself all nude today, just like in the other hot scene and then see her laying on her back and starting to work that nice and huge cock of hers. You can tell that she was enjoying herself quite a lot as she was jerking off, and the scene culminates with her blowing a nice sticky load on herself and the bed today!

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Ladyboy in body stockings

As you already know, Long Mint is fascinated by all king of lingerie and whenever she takes on these body stockings she gets a hard on. Perfect time for jerking off and having some fun. She gets in her bedroom and start jerking off her rock hard cock playing with her swollen balls until she shoots stream after stream of cum! Well she does just adore holding up for some time before she gets to show off in front of the cameras and shoot an impressively big and sticky load too.

Like we said, she had a nice outfit completely made from a fishnet material and she looked super hot while wearing it too. She does her usual posing and such before she takes her spot, and then you can see her whipping out that nice and hard cock as it was throbbing and begging to release a huge load. Enjoy watching her moaning in pleasure as she jerks off, and see her shoot a huge load of jizz all over herself and the surrounding area too. We hope that you enjoyed it everyone.


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Long Mint – playing with her ass

Long Mint is a vegetarian and she eats lots of salads but she gets bored of same kind of food. She found a way of having fun and spicing up her meals by getting naked and playing with herself while she is eating. Watch her lathering up her ass and cock with cream and sliding her fingers in her asshole while she jerks off! You guys wanted to see more of the cute and sexy mint as she gets around to play with her naughty and tight little ass, and so she comes back this fine day to deliver.


Take your time and watch the babe as she gets to whip out that cock and get completely nude for you first and foremost, and then see her starting to caress and tease her cock. You get to see her dick getting bigger and harder on the spot and in no time she gets rock hard too. Watch her presenting the camera with her nice and tight butthole too, and like we said, watch her starting to finger fuck her naughty butt with her masterful fingers today. We hope you had fun, and we will be seeing you guys next week.

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Hung ladyboy in sexy lingerie

In this gallery Long Mint is wearing an extremely sexy lingerie, exactly like in this other sex scene as she developed an entire lingerie fetish and whenever she is wearing it her cock gets rock hard and she is ready to jerk off. Enjoy watching as she is taking care of her erect cock and fingers her tight ass until she can’t take it no more and she cums on her sexy panties! Well by now you should be used with Mint’s kinky and horny personality, and we bet that you will love seeing her wear this amazing and sexy lingerie set today as she pleases herself.

Anyway, the superb black lingerie set, just made this cutie even sexier and hotter and she was sure going to have the time of her life for this afternoon pleasing her cock while she was wearing it. Like always you get to be teased as she parades her body around first of all, and then you can see her taking her spot on the sofa and pulling aside those panties to have access to her cock, and enjoy seeing her moaning as she strokes her shaft for this whole afternoon gallery everyone. Bye bye!


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Long Mint – Freaky with some glitter

Lately her life has becoming boring and Long Mint is lacking some color but she knows how to bring more color into her life. Because she is different then anyone else she has a special way to bring some color in her life so she takes some sticky glitter and rubs it all over her body massaging her boobs. She soon gets hard and ready to play so she strokes her glitter covered hands up and down her hard cock! Let’s just see her in action once more as she has her sexual fun for you, and let’s enjoy this fresh scene.


As another fresh week started off, there was no way that we were passing the chance to bring you this nice and sexy lady with another sexy update today. As per usual she’s back to her old kinky self and her and her cock are ready to be pleased for the cam. Watch closely and see the adorable shemale as she gets on top of a chair and with her legs spread wide open she starts to finger fuck her own tight and cute ass, and she gets to masturbate and stroke that nice and hard cock at the same time too.

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Long Mint – Naughty bunny

Do you like drooling over playboy bunnies? If so then Long Mint is going to be your naughty ladyboy bunny today so check out her gallery and enjoy watching as she shoves a huge spray can into her ass and rides it like a rabbit stroking her large cock! Well if last week she got super kinky with her new outfit, today she outdid herself, and as per usual you get to see it all as well. Take your time to see her as she gets to work her cock nice and hard for the afternoon again and have fun with her scene.

AS we said, this time she got her slutty little hands on a nice and sexy little bunny outfit, and she was more than happy to wear it while she got to be kinky and naughty today. Sit back and watch her posing kinky and sexually for you as she always does first, and then see her whipping out a nice and big dildo that she intended to use on her ass. So watch her closely as she masturbates and fucks her ass and see her moan in pleasure until she blows a load all over herself!


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Mysterious shemale playing in her nylons

Long Mint looks absolutely amazing in this gallery, wearing sexy stockings and black lacy garments. If you take a look inside this gallery you are going to notice a bulge in her sexy panties, her hard tool that she is ready to release. Watch as she slowly strokes that hard cock until she sprays a large load of cum all over the place! So let’s watch the cute and sexy babe Mint as she has some more fun in her fresh and hot solo scene as she masturbates for your enjoyment and her pleasure.


She knows that you have been eager to lay eyes on her simply amazing and sexy perky body, and that nice and long thick cock that she has. And today she got a superbly hot and kinky outfit to wear as well for your entertainment as well. Sit back and see her teasing you once more with her sexy body, and then see her taking a spot and taking off her panties to show off her cock as well. Watch her massaging and squeezing her nice and round tits and see her stroking her thick shaft at the same time as well.

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Fucking in fishnet stockings

Long Mint bumped into this hot guy and she invited him at her house to have some fun with him. After she played with his big cock giving him an awesome blowjob it was time for him to return the favor. Watch as he takes Mint’s hard cock in his mouth then shoves his cock it in her tight ass! Well miss Mint was really happy to get to have some fun with a fresh and horny guy, and she was going to take advantage of his cock as much as she could this afternoon.

The scene starts with the sexy and cute Mint as she makes her entry wearing her sexy fishnet stockings just like you can see this hot babe in this other scene. Watch her teasing you and the stud as she removes her top to show off her perky round tits, and then see her as she takes off her cute panties too revealing that nice and long cock to your guys and the stud. She has her nice and fine long cock sucked nice and long by this stud. Of course then, you get to see sexy Mint as she takes it nice and deep in her cute and tight ass as well.


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Long Mint – Kinky in the kitchen

Would you like to watch Long Mint cooking in the kitchen? Why not cocking up something with her? that would be so much more fun! Watch as she gets naked and takes out her long dick for a play. Now let her show you how delicious she can get after she sprays a huge load all over the place! The sexy and kinky babe Mint is here for this fine afternoon to show you how she likes to play with her nice and big cock, and you get front row seats to her sexy show. So let’s just sit back and watch her in action for this nice scene.


Mint really knows how to work her body for the cameras, and you can see that she has experience doing this sort of thing regularly. Just take a seat and enjoy watching a cute and sexy brunette babe as she gets to stroke and play with her nice and hard cock for the cameras in this nice and hot update for the afternoon. We bet that you will love seeing her stroking that nice and big cock, and rest assured that she will be back next week once more along with that nice and long cock as well. Enjoy her superb scene and see you then everyone.

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