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Hey there fellas! We are so thrilled to have you back! Did you enjoyed our latest Long Mint updates? Cause this naughty babe knows how to party and you already know that she cannot be stopped when she’s in the mood! Today find her in her always mood for partying and pleasure! So today we are gonna see this sexy tranny with her long cock pleasuring itself! Take your time and have a seat cause you will have what to look at! You know this crazy babe like to improvise stuff that she is gonna shove in her ass! Let’s have a look!

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Hi there fellas! How are doing lately? Did you missed us? How about this beautiful Long Mint babe? You know that even though she is really skinny she likes to take long and large cocks into her ass hole! It’s the only way in which she does have a very deep and intense orgasm that makes her cum all over the place! Today she is gonna delight her with her hot smoking body and with her very large penis as we are going to see her pleasing that very long tool and shoving one extra large black dildo into her butt!

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Hello! Were you on vacation the other weeks? Cause we haven’t seen you around for a while and we were surely waiting for you! Are you eager to get things started as also Mint is ? Let’s not keep you waiting, so today you will have the chance to see this beautiful ladyboy playing around with that massive cock and in the end pleasuring herself up until released all over that living room table loads of creamy cum! Yummy! Let’s have a look at what happens next!

This naughty babe was getting prepared to go to the kitchen to make herself a sandwich and as she saw that long cucumber she couldn’t help giving it a try! So this smiling babe took all her clothes off and started to touch her tits while she was already jerking off that huge tool! As she was so fired up she took that long cucumber, lubed her ass and started to slide it slowly into her round butt! She kept doing that up until she hitted the spot that made her release a jizz shower! Enjoy it guys and also check out this update, for extra scenes!


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Howdy ladies and gentleman! We are thrilled to have you back around and we kindly asked you to stay tunned cause we have something more for you and we have just prepared it for today! Are you sick of all this babe’s solo scenes? Well, we received your requests and that is why we have brought to you this stunning babe in action with a guy and his very large cock! Eager to get things started? Stay close and you will have the chance to see everything!

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This nasty Asian babe did pick up this guy in the club and they were both pretty messed up when the got in this expensive hotel room! As soon as this babe told to this guy that she also had a penis all he was thinking about was how to shove faster his long cock into this tiny anus! If you wanna see these two guys taking turns in fucking their tight asses have a look at this entire anal sex scene! If you wanna see more scenes of this king join our community, until then enjoy! Bye bye!


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Hi there new guy! A new day is here and our LongMint is ready for some more action! This slutty babe is not all about jerking off and stuffing things into her ass! This chick also has some fetish stuff hidden into her mind and once in a while she does try new things just to establish what makes her so horny! Today she thought she would try to tease her very long cock by applying clamps on her cock and on her nuts! Did this fetish stuff had any effect on her? Let’s discover it together and also let’s see this slutty tranny teasing himself right here!

Well, that extra large tool went crazy and straight up even when she applied the first clamp! So this heated up babe could not wait any more time so she took that large dildo that she found near her and stuffed her tight ass with it! She kept sliding it in and out up until she did hit that G-spot hidden into her ass that made her cum very noisy! Let’s watch this big cocked tranny getting dirty and enjoy! Trust me it’s totally worth it!


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Morning fellas! We have a new toy in town and who do you think it is gonna try it for the very first time? This stunning Long Mint babe of course was the first chick that was in front of the sex shop when new toys have arrived at 8 o’clock in the morning! She does love to try new stuff and nothing can stop her or can get in the way of her sexual pleasure! When she wants it, she already has it but she doesn’t know ! Shall we have a look at this babe trying out her new toy? Let’s !

It was the very first time when she ordered a sex toy from the internet! This cock pump just appeared on the sex toys market and she wanted to be the first one to try it! So she went at the store and took her pack early in the morning! As she got back home she took that pump and she made it work as it started to suck that massive cock over and over again up until it made her cum and fill that recipient! Enjoy this amazing update while this babe is trying new sex toys!


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Hey there guys! Good to have you back so soon! We have prepared exclusively for you a very interesting fucking session as we have our beloved shemale eager to get her tight ass stuffed and her long cock all sucked! In the picture below we have a peek as this babe is sitting on the bed getting herself prepared for the rough anal sex pounding that is about to follow? Eager to see these two guys in action? Let’s have a look at this crazy scene together!

This nasty chick did call an old friend of hers for a really crazy fucking session, so they did establish to meet in the same motel room! As this crazy chick got there earlier she couldn’t help taking her sexy black lingerie on and those red high hills! As this guy entered the room he saw this chick in the doggy style position while she was fingering her tight ass! If you wanna see what followed in this amazing fucking session join our community and you will have the chance to see every single detail of this crazy fuck! See you soon!


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